Our Team

The The Royal Garrison Family


Stone Francis


Every journey starts with one step. Thats where it started ,one day a dream another a reality. Before joining the ARMY many years ago. Along with being a prior Tattoo Artist ,Stone used to make his own costumes just to wear to Renaissance Festivals. Sewing is his passion, truly his Art or talent. As the story goes when someone wants what you have, and thats where it began. Stone Francis loves spending time with customers and understands what providing top-of-the-line service really means. As an experienced Store Manager, Stone is an integral part of this Brand and Company and is here to help you every step of the way. As Creator and head Seamster, Stone has a moto “ If your dream does not Scare you ,Your dream isn’t big Enough.”


Theresa L.

Co-Owner-Assitant Operator-Sales Rep.

At The Royal Garrison Costumes and Accessories, each of our staff members is trained to give you the greatest shopping experience ever. Theresa L. is our highly regarded Sales Representative and co-Operator and is happy to answer all your questions and assist you.